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       Updates to web frontend
       September 27th, 2018
       I have updated the CSS on the web frontend to be more mobile friendly.
       On screens smaller than 423px wide, the filetype icons will not be 
       displayed at all, which hopefully on most devices will allow entire
       resources to be displayed without a horizontal scrollbar. 
       Additionally, for anchors, I have applied margins to make them easier
       to click on touch screens (they space out further):
       423px wide or smaller: 12 px top margin, 12 px bottom margin
       423-511px: 11 px bottom margin
       512-599px: 10 px bottom margin
       600-719px: 9 px bottom margin
       720-767px: 6 px bottom margin
       768-853px: 4 px bottom margin
       854-959px: 2 px bottom margin
       960-1599px: 1 px bottom margin
       1600+px: 0px bottom margin.
       This shouldn't break ASCII art for i type selectors, I rarely see it on
       others anyway.  The site renders beautifully on lynx, Mosaic 3, MSIE5,
       MSIE 4.40, MSIE 8, MSIE 11, the latest version of Chrome desktop + 
       mobile, and Firefox 3.6. (no modern browser should ever have an issue
       the site uses valid HTML 4.01 strict, which is ancient)
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