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       Wi-Fi alliance renames 802.11b sensibly... 19 years later
       October 03rd, 2018
       I have been in many, many, many arguments over the years over 
       which is faster: 802.11b, or 802.11a... Folks make this really 
       lame assumption that an increment of the Wi-Fi letter (A > B) 
       means that 802.11b is better than 802.11a just because the 
       letter is higher... Couldn't be further from the truth!
       Barring attenuation issues, 802.11a has some serious advantages 
       over 802.11b; including (in some contries) higher transmit 
       power, more available free channels, higher speed (12, 18, 24, 
       36, 48, 54 stream data rates vs B's max of 11), less channel 
       bandwidth (20 MHz vs 22 MHz), and most 802.11a hardware is made 
       better than 802.11b hardware...
       That being said, I am glad that the Wi-Fi alliance has finally 
       decided to retcon some older versions of Wi-Fi (and even current 
       versions) into some names that are much more indicitave of which 
       is better:
       Wi-Fi 1 == 802.11b
       Wi-Fi 2 == 802.11a
       Wi-Fi 3 == 802.11g
       Wi-Fi 4 == 802.11n 
       Wi-Fi 5 == 802.11ac 
       So after a year or two after these names catch on, and someone 
       wants to argue with me about it, I'm going to use their lack of 
       reasoning against them: "WTF do you mean Wi-Fi 1 is better than 
       Wi-Fi 2?, the number is lower!"
       Hahaha >:)
(HTML) Source: The Verge 2018/10/3 Wi-Fi now has version numbers, and Wi-Fi 6
(HTML) comes out next year
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