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       Goodbye YellowDog Linux
       October 07th, 2018
       TL;DR for this entire post: Stop using YellowDog Linux, switch to 
       Debian or one of the BSDs.
       YDL last had a release in 2012-08-06 and they no longer have a 
       website... Many of their mirrors, such as now contain Debian... 
       Due to these facts, I will chmod a-r all binaries I made for that
       distro and removing references to it from my gophermaps. The files
       will remain for a while, and if for some bizarre reason you need them,
       just hit me up on IRC or email me and I'll gladly send them your way.
       YellowDog Linux was a PowerPC-only distribution, but, I'll be frank,
       multi-arch distros such as Debian (and at the time, {open}SuSE) nearly
       always had a higher quality distribution than YDL did, even if PPC was 
       not their main focus. As openSUSE cannot make up their damn minds on 
       whether or not to support PPC (they've flip-flopped several times in 
       recent years), Debian is the only practical GNU/Linux distro left for
       13 years isn't a terribly short lifespan for a dog. R.I.P.
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       Try OpenBSD for macppc, it rocks :D
       Posted Sun 4 Nov 12:00:43 UTC 2018 by