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       New/old box
       June 05th, 2019
       On Monday (June 3) I decided to switch from OpenSUSE to Alpine Linux :)
       I REALLY appreciate the lack of systemd (and pulseaudio, and Avahi)...
       Bonus points are I use a lot less GNU software on Alpine too, and my RPM-
       hating friends are cheering me on too...
       While making the switch, I hit a small snag, my machine was set to not 
       boot from removable media or netboot (and I was feeling too lazy to put 
       the Alpine installer on an internal HDD)... To enter the CMOS/BIOS setup 
       on that box, I am supposed to hit the 'delete' key on the keyboard, 
       easy, right?  Wrong, I tried to do it from both a PS/2 keyboard and a 
       USB keyboard, no response at all... I don't know if the machine is one 
       of those weird ones that has its PS/2 ports running on the USB bus, so I 
       thought it could be related to the so-called 'legacy USB' setting that 
       most USB-equipped machines seem to have... Since I couldn't get into the 
       setup screen, I found the CMOS battery on the mobo and pulled it, and 
       then I used the reset jumper on the mobo... Short story is that the 
       machine will not turn on at all now. No biggie, I have a spare box.
       So basically I have gone from this:
       openSUSE Leap 15.1 (kernel 4.12.14)
       AMD 1.6 GHz Athlon 64 2650e (Lima) (15 watt TDP)
       3999MB RAM Non-ECC
       To this:
       Alpine Linux v3.9 (kernel 4.19.41)
       Intel 2 GHz Pentium Dual Core E2180 (Conroe/Allendale) (65 watt TDP)
       3013 MB RAM Non-ECC
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