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       Linux 5.4 + ext4 casefold adventures!
       December 20th, 2019
       Been a while since I wrote anything up here, I was hesitant to write much
       while my wife was going through the immigration process, we have a few
       cyberstalkers. :o
       Anyway, I just rebooted this server in order to transition from kernel
       4.19 to 5.4, I'm interested in the new case-insensitive file/directory
       name option on ext4... It's a bit of a pain in the ass (read: impossible)
       to get going on existing systems... First off the casefold option must be
       enabled in the filesystem features, but it can't be set with tune2fs, it
       can only be set with `mkfs.ext4 -O caseflag'; or in other words only at
       filesystem creation... I'm far too lazy to do that today :)
       Furthermore after you have a working ext4 filesystem with the caseflag
       option, you need to set the F attribute (i.e. chattr +F) on any EMPTY
       directories that you want to be case insensitive.
       I'll get off of my butt eventually and get it working. Stay tuned. :)
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