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       Police reform ideas
       June 04th, 2020
       In case you hadn't noticed, police in the United States are extremely
       corrupt... Here are some ideas on how to at least cut down on the
       violence inflicted by patrol officers:
       Cops who cover their badge numbers, turn off their cameras (body/dash),
       or illegally stop someone from filming them should be severely
       disciplined. Repeat offenders should be terminated.
       It should be much easier for cops to be charged for crimes related to
       excessive force complaints.
       When a cop is fired from a police department for brutality, they should
       become ineligible from any further law enforcement and/or security jobs.
       This should be supported by a national database which should be part of
       background checks done on perspective cops.  It's far too common for a
       cop who is fired from a police department for killing civilians to be
       rehired in a different police department.
       When police departments (or other law enforcement agencies) have
       lawsuits filed against them for excessive force complaints, the lawyers
       representing the department in question should be funded with that
       department's pension funds.  This will help supposedly good cops (if
       there are any actually left) to rein in bad cops.
       Some police departments implement IQ tests as part of the hiring process
       if the perspective applicants have a very high IQ result, they are
       rejected. This is patently wrong and should be banned.  If anything cops
       should be required to be educated.
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