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       Wow, Archie is still around!
       March 21st, 2021
       I'll make this phlog post short and sweet... Archie was basically the
       first internet search engine, it searched FTP servers on the internet
       for files... It's heyday was around the same time as gopher.  I was
       blissfully unaware that anyone still ran a working Archie server, but
       I stumbled across a working one being run by University of Warsaw's
       Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling.
       It is located here:
       My goal in finding an FTP search engine was attempting to find a
       server which has the veronica-code directory, which might have the
       perl source of the original shareware veronica gopher search engine, or
       the related Maltshop. They were originally located at: (dead server)
       Unfortunately I didn't have any luck... Oh well. Maybe it will pop-up
       again someday.
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       this is very cool! julienxx
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