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       The wikipedia article on gopher is a trainwreck
       July 19th, 2021
       Oh boy, I have spent a few hours today editing the Wikipedia article
       on gopher (protocol)... I have to say, I am not impressed by the actions
       of some other editors there... The article has a section for web 
       browsers which support gopher, and folks are adding their gopher-only
       clients (i.e. they don't do WWW at all) to that section as a shameless
       form of self-promotion. Offenders include ACID (a closed-source and 
       potentially malware gopher, TFTP, and G6 client), Gophie (gopher-only),
       and Lagrange (gopher, finger, and gemini client)...
       The web clients section desperately needs to be reconsiled with the
       Template:Gopher_clients too...
       Other issues with the article include presenting grossly obsolete
       software as-if it was maintained. MSIE6? Come on folks.
       What a mess. Any help is appreciated. Also comments on the talk page.
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       At least 844 other folks realize that web browsers != gopher clients.
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