This page will allow web frontend users to select which CSS stylesheet
       will be loaded by their browser for most pages on the web frontend.
       It requires javascript localStorage support.
User style preference

       Sample renderings (no links) of what different gophertypes will look like:

  (?)  7 Searchable gopher index or gopher form
(3270) T Telnet 3270 session
 (BIN) 9 Binary file
 (CSO) 2 CSO phonebook session
 (DIR) 1 Gopher index or directory
(FILE) 0 Text file
(HTML) h HTML document or web link 
(MIME) m MIME format email or MHTML document
 (HQX) 3 BinHex 4 encoded Macintosh file
 (IMG) I image file
 (MOV) ; Movie file
 (PDF) P ISO 32000 document (PDF)
 (SND) s Sound file
 (TEL) 8 Telnet session
(UNKN)   unknown file
 (UUE) 6 uuencoded file
       i Informational text
       Quick shortcuts back to the rest of the site:
 (DIR) My phlog (gopherlog)
 (DIR) gopher root