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       ELF executables for the ASUS RT-N66U
       k9linux is a very small shareware multicast Network Time Protocol client
       If you like it please purchase it from the author HCML:
       icmpquery sends and receives ICMP queries for address mask and current time.
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 (BIN) icmpquery                                    2014-Apr-06 00:10    14.5 KB
 (BIN) icmpquery.static                             2014-Apr-06 00:12    94.2 KB
 (BIN) icmpquery.staticstripped                     2014-Apr-06 00:15    77.0 KB
 (BIN) icmpquery.stripped                           2014-Apr-06 00:13    11.9 KB
 (BIN) k9linux                                      2013-Nov-20 10:37     7.0 KB
 (BIN) k9linux.debug                                2013-Nov-20 10:37     9.1 KB
 (BIN) k9linux.static                               2013-Nov-21 02:15    52.3 KB
 (BIN) k9linux.staticdebug                          2013-Nov-21 02:15    66.2 KB