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       Who's running gopher on IPv6?!
       April 10th, 2018
       Using some (not so creative) command line tools, I have come up with a
       partial list of gopher servers that use IPv6... As a starting point I
       used Cameron Kaiser's list of new gopher servers since 1999 (which only
       has stable servers with DNS, hence the list being partial), and then
       ran an nslookup for AAAA records...
       The commands I used went something like this:
       curl -s gopher:// | sed 's/,/XXX/' | \
       tr "\\t" "," | dos2unix | grep '^1' | awk -F, '{print $3}' | \
       sed '/^\s*$/d' | grep --color=never -E '(.*\.){1}' | sort | uniq > \
       nslookup << EOF > gopher.AAAA.txt
       set querytype=AAAA
       $(cat gopher.servers.txt)
       I could easily have done this with more portable commands and condensed
       them down to use less total commands, but I was in a hurry. :)
       BTW, the gopher RFC says to use FQDN only for the hostname portion of
       a gopher resource, so the bare IP lines below probably wont work:
 (DIR) Name:
 (DIR) Address: 2600:3c01::f03c:91ff:fe1f:a30d
 (DIR) Name:
 (DIR) Address: 2001:470:4:2a5::feed:dead
 (DIR) Name:
 (DIR) Address: 2001:700:201:1::7016
 (DIR) Name:
 (DIR) Address: 2001:6a0:0:31::2
 (DIR)  canonical name =
 (DIR) Name:
 (DIR) Address: 2600:3c00::f03c:91ff:fedb:fa7c
 (DIR) Name:
 (DIR) Address: 2001:19f0:6000:9103:5400:ff:fe0c:65d5
 (DIR)       canonical name =
 (DIR) Name:
 (DIR) Address: 2a01:4f8:191:63af::2
 (DIR) Name:
 (DIR) Address: 2a01:4f8:160:43cd::3
 (DIR)    canonical name =
 (DIR) Name:
 (DIR) Address: 2001:19f0:8001:279:5400:ff:fe69:2b87
 (DIR) Name:
 (DIR) Address: 2001:8b0:1e4::
 (DIR) Name:
 (DIR) Address: 2a02:980:2a43:a400:bed:c0ff:ee:160
 (DIR) Name:
 (DIR) Address: 2001:4801:7821:77:be76:4eff:fe11:e05
 (DIR) Name:
 (DIR) Address: 2a01:238:424b:de00:cef6:8658:1611:5807
 (DIR) Name:
 (DIR) Address: 2a03:4000:5:313:aec2:3146:f481:13f6
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