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       WhatsApp is the worst.
       April 11th, 2018
       WhatsApp might be the most popular messaging app on the planet, with
       over 1.5 billion (with a `b') users... However, it is slowly smothering
       me, humans were just not meant to be tied down to a mobile device with
       such levels of constant communication and over information...
       Anyone who has used WhatsApp with the default settings (so practically
       everyone) knows that when you send a message, there are two checkmarks
       displayed in the UI... The first checkmark means it has been sent to
       the server successfully... the second checkmark means that the
       receipient's device has received the message... Finally both checkmarks
       turn blue when the receipient reads the message.  Far too many people
       (myself included) have wasted countless hours staring at a message
       waiting for those checkmarks to turn blue... Oh, and of course once
       those checkmarks turn blue, a near-instant reply is almost obligatory,
       right?  Ugh.
       Don't even get me started on WhatsApp's user state display... I don't
       want you to know if I am online. Go away. :)
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