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       How I make sure my burrow phlog posts are not too wide
       January 25th, 2019
       Here's a nifty one, sometimes when making phlog posts, I run into GNU
       nano doing a very bad job word wrapping, which results in the phlog
       looking bad in say lynx on a standard 80x25 terminal.  No biggie, I
       setup a function to give me a hand.
       Software used:
       * GNU bash 4.4.23 in POSIX mode
       * tmux-SIXEL ( )
       * burrow ( )
       * GNU nano 2.9.6
       My function is placed into ~/.bashrc, here's what it does:
       * Checks to see if it's being called from a running tmux (case $TERM)
       * Saves tmux window title from before burrow running
       * Renames current tmux window to "burrow"
       * Sets current tomux window to 73 characters wide
       * Traps ctrl+c to restore window title if interrupted
       * Tells nano to try to wrap at 72 characters and runs burrow
       * Renames window back to its original name when burrow is done
       * Restores tmux to default window width
       * Sets return code in case running from another script
       Here's the condensed code I am using in ~/.bashrc:
       case $TERM in
           burrow() {
             local code=0
             local ancien
             ancien=$(tmux display-message -p '#W')
             tmux rename-window "burrow"
             tmux setw force-width 73
             trap "{tmux rename-window $ancien ; tmux setw force-width 0 }" INT
             env EDITOR="/usr/bin/nano -r72" burrow $@
             tmux rename-window $ancien
             tmux setw force-width 0
             return $code;
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