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       Lynx HTML entity bug squashed!
       February 01st, 2019
       The -dump option in Lynx has been fixed in the latest version (Lynx
       2.9.0dev1) , reserved characters, such as ampersand (et), less-than, and
       greater-than, are now converted into HTML entities properly.
       Here's the relevant changelog entry:
       * modify generated HTML when processing -source option for a Gopher menu
       to convert literal "<", "&", and ">" to HTML named entities
       (report/testcase by Zachary Lee Andrews) -TD
       Thanks to Thomas Dickey for fixing it :)
       OpenSUSE Leap 15 currently ships with lynx2.8.9dev.16...
       Here's what I did to update mine to the current version, but enable the
       package manager to update to a newer version should OpenSUSE ever publish
       Pull-in (as root) the lynx source:
       #zypper source-install lynx
       Take a text editor to /usr/src/packages/SPECS/lynx.spec and change the
       version number in the "%define tarbase" and "Version:" sections...
       Comment out the lynx-helpfile.patch file (originally patch 2), I didn't
       like that patch to begin with :)
       Now compile the new Lynx with:
       #rpmbuild -ba /usr/src/packages/SPECS/lynx.spec
       Compiling will take a bit... After it is done, install it using one of
       these two commands (note: I do not know which one applies to non-x86_64
       arch, sorry):
       #zypper install /usr/src/packages/RPMS/$HOSTTYPE/lynx-2.9*.rpm
       #zypper install /usr/src/packages/RPMS/$CPU/lynx-2.9*.rpm
       zypper will complain about the file not being signed, just hit i to
       ignore it...
       When/if a new version of lynx comes out (probably with Leap 15.1...),
       you can do a zypper dup, zypper will ask if you want to install the new
       version of lynx with a vendor change or if you want to keep the one you
       compiled... Easy!
       Have a lot of fun!
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       lynx is awesome. i use it on linux, but havent been able to 
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