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       Regressive environmentalists
       July 10th, 2019
       I am getting really irritated at some environmentalists who are blatantly
       opposed to progress... Whenever a new technology comes out that is less
       harmful than an existing technology, but still causes some harm, they
       whine, moan, lobby, and sometimes successfully get the new technology
       banned or at least villified...
       Favourite targets include:
       gene splicing food (so-called "GMOs / Genetically Modified Organisms")
       nuclear power
       solar power
       wind power
       These morons constantly claim that GMO food is so dangerous, yet none of
       them has ever produced even the tiniest shred of evidence that any GMO
       food item is more harmful than their non-GMO counterparts... In fact, I
       can think of some examples of conventional non-GMO breeding producing an
       obviously more dangerous product... Lenape potatoes IMMEDIATELY come to
       mind. Potatoes come from the Solanum genus, the same family as deadly
       nightshade... Many other popular foodstuffs such as tomatoes and
       aubergines also come from the same family.  Anyway, in conventional
       breeding, you rely on nature to change many genes of the target plants
       and hope you don't activate some genes that have a negative trait, such-
       as (in the case of Lenape potatoes) increased solanine production. You're
       basically shotgunning the plant's genome instead of doing a truly
       targeted manipulation of the plant... I could go on, but really, it's
       very much accepted by science that GMOs are safe, and GMO plants are
       always heavily tested and studied before being used as a foodstuff.
       Glyphosate... Despite decades of extensive testing definitively proving
       that glyphosate, the most ubiquitous herbicide on the planet, is extremly
       safe (i.e., obviously NOT a carcinogen) at any dosage that one would be
       exposed to while following the manufacturer's directions, so-called
       environmentalists have carried out a successful campaign to vilify one
       of the safest herbicides ever made. A part of me thinks that the best
       alernative to roundup is to make regressive environmentalists go out into
       fields and remove weeds with their bare hands, but I know that they are
       so stupid that they would accidently remove the food crops instead.
       Solar power... Apprently to the nutjobs, the hazardous materials
       contained within solar panels make them completely and utterly unsuitable
       as a collector of energy. They are a graver threat to us than global
       heating (I refuse to call it global warming, because, in the words of
       Richard Stallman: ``The term "climate change" is to be avoided because it
       downplays the danger; [President George W. Bush] officials ordered US
       employees to use that term for that reason.'').
       Wind power... Some birds and bats run into the turbines of some types of
       wind turbines and consequently die.... Therefore this technology is
       completely and utterly unsuitable as a collector of energy. They are a
       graver threat to us than global heating.
       Nuclear power... Probably the most controversial one due to 76 folks
       dying in accidents at Cherynobyl NPP, Mihama NPP, SL-1, KS 150/A-1,
       Tokaimura, Fukushima Daiichi NPP, and Marcoule combined... (I should
       immediately point out that steam explosions kill a lot more people)
       We should totally ignore the fact that nuclear plants release a massive
       amount of power (Kashiwazaki-Kariwa NPP produced almost 8000 megawatts)
       and the vast majority of them only have uncontrolled releases of
       radiation that are lower than the amount of radiation I get while I'm
       outside getting sunburned. :)
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       Re Glyphosate : The Australian Greens party (communists)have 
       successfully made Glyphosate illegal despite the alternative being more 
       toxic. They are more Moronic than religious Cultists.. actually they 
       are religious Cultists with nature pedistalled as their Godhead,and 
       faulty $$ science , their doctrine.
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