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       Fixing the ridiculous downtime
       August 16th, 2019
       As some folks may have noticed, I've had a hard time keeping this
       system's uptime high lately... My CPU has a really annoying PSU that is
(HTML) incompatible with most battery backups (UPS), I do have it attached to
(HTML) hone it likes, but the batteries are OLD/worn, and expensive.
       I've decided to nip the problem in the bud twofold:
       First I ordered new batteries for the UPS, and I hope it fixes the UPS.
(HTML) Secondly I ordered a whole new system... A WYSE Dx0Q.
       The new WYSE will draw only 7 to 15 watts from the UPS, so I'll be
       extremely surprised if the UPS cannot handle it, haha.  Furthermore the
       WYSE has a power brick instead of a built-in PSU, there are UPSes made
(HTML) just for supplying power bricks for extended periods of time which work
       a helluva lot better than traditional UPSes, so that's my backup plan.
       Here's a proc comparison between the current Lenovo and the WYSE:
                      Lenovo                  WYSE
       Processor      Intel Pentium E2180     AMD GX-415GA
       Freqency       1.2-2.0 GHz             1.5 GHz
       Lithography    65nm                    28nm
       Cores          2                       4
       Threads        2 (I think)             4
       L2 Cache       1 MB                    2 MB
       TDP            65 W                    15 W
       Should be interesting... I'm really digging the lower power consumption
       and passive cooling.
       The WYSE has 2 SATA slots (that I know of!) on the mainboard, and an
       mPCIe slot... The only downsides I've noticed so far with the system are
       the built-in NIC is a crappy Realtek 8111/8168/8411 and it has an LPC bus
       (why the fuck ISA/LPC is still around is beyond me)...
       I suppose the USB ports or the mPCIe port will make up for the crappy RTL
       NIC if it gives me issues.
       I'll post more on this later. Wish me luck.
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       how do measure hardware draw?
       Posted Sat Aug 17 01:10:38 UTC 2019 by
       I use either a Kill-a-watt EZ or the built-in power meter on my UPS
       (CyberPower CP1350PFCLCD) when I do measurements myself.
       Any WYSE wattages I have posted about before today came from David
       Parkinson's website 
       Intel TDP numbers are from Intel ARK:
       Posted Sat Aug 17 21:15:01 UTC 2019 by zcrayfish
       please post more about this. I'm currently running a Z90 as a home 
       Posted Mon Aug 19 00:33:52 UTC 2019 by
       Hi. I have checked your and i see you
       Posted Wed Mar 18 16:06:52 UTC 2020 by