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       Google Maps 15th year... What is going on?
       February 08th, 2020
       Google maps just had their 15th anniversary, and Google released a new
       version that reorganises the UI (at least on Android 10) and gives the
       app a new icon...
       Since then, I have been having a lot of issues reporting closed roads,
       it used to be that when I reported a road closure, it was applied within
       minutes to the map... However, in the past couple of days, that seems to
       be not the case.  We just had a cold front put out a massive amount of
       rain over North Carolina, and hundreds of roads are out of service, I
       reported two roads in my area (Martin county SR1320 and SR1159) as
(HTML) closed due to flooding, and rather than Google maps mark them as closed,
       I received an email saying that they are verifying the closures...
       Both closures could be verified quickly on the NCDOT live traffic map,
       Is anyone else having an issue with the new Google Maps?
       Let me know in the comments section.
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