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       Why are NC service businesses so bad towards customers?
       February 19th, 2020
       Why is it that almost every retail and food service establishment here
       in North Carolina run so short staffed?  When I walk into a Best Buy in
       Central or Eastern NC, I'm lucky to see 4 employees in the place... Yet
       walk in any computer store in South-East Asia, and there's an employee
       on at least every-other aisle!
       How about gasoline (petrol) stations in NC? Good luck getting a receipt,
       the pumps *never* have receipt paper.  I wouldn't mind it so much if
       stations had reliable mobile pay and e-receipt, but the only one in my
       area that does this is Exxon(/Mobil).
       Food service?  Go to any Bojangles or Chipotle; the employees are
       robotic and won't thank you for your patronage.
       It's getting frustrating.  NC service industry seems like it's in
       amateur mode and do not appreciate their customers.
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