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       'Thug' is the new N-word.
       June 01st, 2020
       I'm getting so sick of white people who use the word "thug" to only
       refer to black people, it's the new N-word without a doubt. It's curious
       that most white people would call out fellow white folks who use the
       N-word, but ignore other whites who reserve the word "thug" to
       exclusively refer to black folks... The effect is that despite "thug"
       and the N-word both being effective racial slurs, only the former is
       considered to be socially acceptable.
       Anyway, I'll henceforth be referring to white people who use the word
       "thug" as "whip-crackers", since they seem to like using racial slurs
       so damn much. (disclaimer: I'm white)
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       "thug" is basically synonymous with "male", for me.
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