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       Now on Linode
       July 10th, 2020
       The ISP I have been using, Carolina Telephone (Centurylink) has become
       so insufferably slow in my area that I have switched from self-hosting
       to using a Linode VPS.  Now my personal gopher site is no longer retro
       because it loads so quickly.  Goodbye 90's dialup modem feel!
       As far as my home internet goes, I am thinking of using a Netgear
       LB1121 and buying some service from a T-Mobile or AT&T reseller or
       MVNO... I have no idea where the local AT&T tower is, or which
       frequency band they use around here, but I do know I get signal, my
       phones are always hooked onto AT&T when they are in "emergency calls
       only" mode.  As for T-Mobile, there's a tower roughly 12 miles away
       NLoS through some thick forest, but band 2 and 71 come in just fine
       If anyone has any ideas for AT&T or T-Mobile services that have a
       very high quota or unlimited services hit me up in the comment
       Likewise if someone can think of good external antennas for the
       LB1121 *OR* a whole different modem (such as one with band 71 and/or
       5G support) that doesn't cost a fortune, the comments are open.
       Should be interesting.
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