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       MS Works 2.0! (and how I did it)
       August 18th, 2020
       I have come up with something brilliantly stupid so that I can access
       Microsoft Works 2.0 via SSH (or mosh), I'm running it on top of MS-DOS
       6.22 via qemu. Here's how I did it:
       First I downloaded some prerequisites on my alpine VPS
       apk add qemu-system-i386 qemu-ui-curses qemu-img
       (note: they're community packages)
       Then I downloaded a DOS of my choice, after debating between FreeDOS,
       MS-DOS, and PC-DOS, I took the lame way out and grabbed an MS-DOS from
(HTML) WinWorld "Microsoft MS-DOS 6.22 Plus Enhanced Tools (3.5-1.44mb)"
(HTML) As a final prerequisite I downloaded "Microsoft Works 2.0A for DOS (3.5)"
       I created a 32MB hard disk image for the C: drive of MS-DOS:
       qemu-img create -f qcow2 MSDOS622.qcow2 32M
       Now I extract the 7z file containing MS-DOS and stuff the floppy images
       somewhere, and then I boot them:
       qemu-system-i386 -curses -HDA MSDOS622.qcow2 -m 1 -fda Disk1.img \
       -boot a -rtc base=localtime
       The -curses flag tells qemu to display the virtual PC's 80x25 text mode
       as ncurses, -HDA points to your hard disk image, -m determines the
       amount of RAM (MS Works requires a bit under 700kb), -fda points to your
       floppy image, -boot determines which DOS drive letter to boot from
       (typically a {floppy} or c {hard drive}), the -rtc option I give here
       will match the emulated real time clock to the machine hosting qemu.
       Booting from the MS-DOS disk one will immediately run the MS-DOS
       installer, it's very straightforward, if it asks about your hardware,
       just tell it that you have a good old fashioned IBM PC (PS/2) with an
       IBM VGA card... When it wants to switch disks, hold the escape key and
       hit 2, this will dump you into the qemu console, you'll type something
       like this to change floppy images: "change floppy0 Disk2.img"
       After the change command succeeds, hold escape again and hit 1, taking
       you back to the MS-DOS installer... continue swapping disks until the
       installer tells you to eject all disks, at that step go back to the qemu
       console and type "eject floppy0".
       At this point MS-DOS should be installed, lets get that MS Works going!
       Setup for MS Works will be similar, use the QEMU console to change to
       your MS Works floppy disk one, then flip back to MS-DOS and run setup,
       when the installer asks, you again want regular VGA, and you want text
       mode (graphics mode will not work under qemu -curses!)
       I have not found a way to get the mouse working in qemu -curses, but
       MS Works seems to work just fine with only the keyboard, hit alt + F to
       get the menus at the top to pop up, use they keyboard arrows to select
       and enter/return to activate a menu entry... If you want to close the
       menu without selecting anything, just hit escape. All other keyboard
       shortcuts are in the help menu at the top right (alt + h, alt + k).
 (IMG) Screenshot of MS Works inside tmux with putty.
 (IMG) Screenshot of MS Works inside tmux with termux.
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