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       Security breaches in Washington D.C.
       January 11th, 2021
       I'm going to take a quick moment to post a quick primer on being on the
       right side of history... In regards to the folks who stormed the capital
       and got into areas they were not authorized to be in recently. I didn't
       write this, and I don't know who did; but the words ring true.
       Huge numbers of our population, good people on both sides, believe in a
       complete alternate reality.  Alternate facts as it were.  But just as
       intensely as I believe they are deluded, they think that I am the one
       who is deluded.
       Maybe I am.
       So how can I be confident in my perception?  It can be quite difficult.
       But I have found that in times of confusion, particularly when emotions
       are running high and creating tunnel vision, the presence of Nazis can
       be an extremely helpful indicator.  If I am attending a local demon-
       stration or event and I see Nazis (neo-Nazis, miscellaneous-Nazis, or
       the latest-whatever-├╝ber-mythology-Nazis), I figure out which side they
       are on.  And if they are on my side of the demonstration?  I am on the
       wrong side.  It is tough to argue moral equivalence when I am standing
       next to a Nazi.
       Look to my right...
       Is there a guy wearing a 6MWE (6-million wasn't enough) t-shirt?
       I am on the wrong side...
       Look to my left...
       Is there a guy wearing a Camp Aushwitz t-shirt?
       Wrong side.
       Speakers referring to things Hitler got right?
       Wrong side.
       Team-spirit face paint and hat with horns?
       This is an unclear indicator that could mean anything, but safest to
       keep my distance from that guy, even at a football game.
       But I always, always, ALWAYS rely on the presence of Nazis as a guiding
       light through a fog of disinformation.
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