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       CARFAX can go fuck themselves.
       April 11th, 2021
       In the US, we have a highly advertised web-based service (which pre-
       dates the web) called CARFAX, which allows folks to pull up so-called
       "vehicle history reports"... CARFAX pretends in its advertisements that
       the reports are a comprehensive history of the accident and service
       history of your car or a car that you wish to purchase...
       My whole problem with CARFAX is that they far from comprehensive,
       in 23 states, they cannot receive the accident history of a vehicle,
       furthermore, they do not allow car owners to upload service history [1]
       of their vehicle from non-participating mechanics or self-service...
       There is no practical reason why they cannot allow car owners to upload
       receipts or finished invoices.
       [1] CARFAX's deception is without bounds, as there is a nearly-useless
       DIY self-reporting section on their website which is not included in any
       of their "vehicle history reports... From their FAQ:
            Q: Can I add a DIY service into CARFAX Car Care?
            A: When log [sic] in to CARFAX Car Care, you can add your own
               service records, including records for services that you've
               completed yourself. Simply click on the "Add Service Record"
               button in your Service History. However, this information will
               not be included on the CARFAX Vehicle History Report.
       As someone who does my own basic maintenance, I find it insulting that
       my car is devalued by any private party or dealer who pulls up CARFAX's
       ridiculous "history reports" just because I decided to do my own oil and
       air filter changes... Sure I can bring my receipts and even Blackstone
       Lab reports, but everyone who hasn't dealt with an airplane acts like
       they have never heard of such a thing. Oh well.
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