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       AccesiBe and other j*script annoyances
       May 14th, 2021
       For the past several weeks in my news and social media feeds, I have
       seen a lot of folks complaining about AccesiBe (and its contemporaries)
       ... The first several days, I ignored the rants, but today I finally
       decided to look into it.
       AccesiBe is a javascript embedded onto web pages which does an
       absolutely terrible job of "improving" the accessibility of said web
       pages... It purports to automatically add ALT attributes to images,
       improve focus control on web forms, automatically repair keyboard short-
       cuts, and a whole bunch of other shit that is the already the job of the
       browser and the end-user's accessibility software (e.g. screen reader).
       AccesiBe also outright lies in its marketing by implying that its script
       makes websites which embed it resistant to accessibility (e.g. US ADA-
       related) lawsuits... However sites have already been sued because the
       AccesiBe script often makes them /less/ accessible.
(HTML) see:
       TL;DR: AccesiBe and its contemporaries are garbage, increase page load+
       rendering time, and waste bandwidth.
       Consequently I have decided to block that crap on my metered network,
       and publish the hostnames of said javascript annoyances that I found:
       Of those last three, practically every modern browser includes a built-
       in nag screen when it needs to be updated, I really don't see the need
       to duplicate that function in remote javascript... And I don't want to
       load lame analytic crap over a metered network.
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