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       Linking to non-gopher URLs in gophermaps (WIP)
       October 04th, 2021
       I have uploaded to github the urlhandler.mole script I use with
       gophernicus to supply links to non-gopher resources on my server...
       It is a work in progress.
(HTML) Check it out at:
       Additionally I have attempted to copy the rationale of why I created
       the urlhandler, and the main ways of linking to link to non-gopher
       resources on gopher... Hopefully it looks ok here on gopher.
(HTML) An HTML version is available here, it might be easier to read.
       I cannot stand the hURL scheme that was bafflingly created in 2002...
       This despite that gophertype w has been in libwww, and some other
       gopher clients, since at least 1992. Unfortunately, some clients support
       one or the other, but none that I know of support both CORRECTLY.
       (invariably, clients I see that attempt to support both cannot load
       regular type h files on gopher, or have other severe issues, nearly
       always with hURL handling).
       I will attempt to illustrate the three ways I can know of to link to
       an example website in gopher so that you may judge for yourself.
       |type|display name   |selector                  |FQDN              |port
       |h   |Example website|GET /index.html           |   |80
       |h   |Example website|URL:||70
       |w   |Example website|    |ANYTHING          |1
       The issues:
       * The `GET /` method **can only reliably link to HTML documents hosted
         by HTTP/0.9 servers**. Most HTTP servers I have run across these days
         upgrade all HTTP/0.9 requests to at least HTTP/1.0, which adds garbage
         headers to anything sent back... Gopher-only or HTTP/0.9 clients
         _might_ be able to receive HTML documents from these servers, but
         could complain about the headers, and text-documents would be even
         worse... Binary files flat-out will not work for the HTTP/0.9 or
         gopher clients using this method with HTTP/1.0+ servers.
         * Some clients that support HTTP/1.0 and higher are still restricted
           to HTML documents using the `GET /` hack. Lynx is one such client.
         * The HTTP/0.9 specification also clearly says that it is to transfer
           HTML only, using it for binaries is out of scope.
         * **This method has been obsolete since 1992
(HTML)     (, for the love of
           god don't use it!**
       * The type `h` with selector beginning with `URL:` method (referred to
         as `hURL` henceforth)
         * Requires the server to actually support it, which some don't.
           * Some servers, such as gophernicus, restrict what types of URLs can
             be linked to
         * _should_ only be used to link to HTML files
           * But most HTML capable clients can handle other really basic files,
             such as plain text, JPEGs, or GIFs.
       * Type `w`
         * Much simpler than the other two types because the client need only
           deal with the `type`, `display name` and `selector fields`. (the
           `FQDN` and `PORT` fields are not used at all for this type)
         * Can link to any valid URL, the client is simply expected to open
           whatever the default application is for the given URI scheme.
         * Has been around as far back as I am able to browse the libwww
           source, 1992 or before, which made the `hURL` hack absolutely
         * Only requires client support, but some clients might not support it
           due to it not being in the gopher RFC, more of a problem with NEWER
           clients due to the `hURL` distraction
           * Many libwww-based clients do support it however. (e.g. Lynx,
           * Now also supported by the popular Squid proxy/cache server.
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