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       Any criticism of Israel means you are an anti-semite
       October 30th, 2021
       So this happened late on 2021-09-06...
       23:00:57 zcrayfish Make some borscht
       23:03:08 algoid    borscht would be nice
       23:03:20 zcrayfish I've actually never tried it. Is it good?
       23:03:38 @otts     isnt it beets?
       23:03:38 algoid    yeah pretty good but i can't have it anymore
       23:04:24 zcrayfish stock and beets
       23:06:35 Jamm0n    anyone here on ICQ?
       23:06:45 algoid    do you?
       23:08:09 Jamm0n    do I what?
       23:08:34 algoid    still use icq
       23:08:54 Jamm0n    I haven't used it since the RUssians took over
       23:09:07 algoid    heh
       23:11:32 Jamm0n    Why no chat anymore?
       23:11:35 Jamm0n    facebook only?
       23:12:38 zcrayfish eww farcebook
       23:12:52 zcrayfish icq was gross from the beginning when it was Israeli
       23:14:30 @otts     i think i will go watch tv and sleep
       23:14:37 @otts     see ya later
       23:15:35 Jamm0n    what's wrong with Israeilis?
       23:16:18 algoid    goodnight otts
       23:17:15 algoid    im off too, goodnight
       23:17:18 algoid    ( has quit (Quit:
                          WeeChat 3.2)
       23:18:40 zcrayfish Jamm0n: I am diametrically opposed politically to
                          their government.
       23:18:48 zcrayfish Aside from that, nothing
       23:19:24 Jamm0n    that's a shame
       23:19:27 Jamm0n    Israel is the best
       23:19:56 zcrayfish Yeah, hard-pass on apartheid and nearly-theocratic
                          states. They're all inherently evil.
       23:30:05 Jamm0n    are you Muslim?
       23:30:38 zcrayfish That's really wholly irrelevant.
       23:31:01 Jamm0n    maybe it is, maybe it isn't
       23:45:58 Jamm0n    good to know Antisemitism is alive and well in here
       23:46:10 Jamm0n    they always get all worked up on the Jewish holidays
       23:50:06 zcrayfish otts: who let this joker in here?
       23:50:23 Jamm0n    who let you in here
       23:50:36 zcrayfish I've been in here far longer than you, and I am not
                          an anti-semite.
       23:51:18 Jamm0n    I don't care, you can keep your anti-Israel comments
                          to yourself
       23:51:25 Jamm0n    nobody cares to hear them
       23:51:39 zcrayfish And what of your anti-Russian comments?
       23:51:46 zcrayfish not that I disagree with them. xD
       23:52:03 Jamm0n    I never said an anti-Russian comment
       23:52:13 Jamm0n    nice attempt at deflecting though
       23:52:19 zcrayfish Alright well you can go fuck yourself.
       23:52:28 zcrayfish Ignore list updated.
       23:52:40 Jamm0n    you don't need to announce that to the channel
       23:56:47 Jamm0n ( has left #anxiety
       23:56:54 zcrayfish Thank god.
       I seriously cannot be bothered by people who support Hafrada and its
       related policies.
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       That's crazy. Agreed on your title.
       Posted Sun Oct 31 03:33:59 UTC 2021 by
       Yeah... craziness. I also do not support Israel in any way... but have 
       no issues with Judaism (beyond any issues I have with all religions). 
       What an extreme view Jamm0n has.
       Posted Tue Nov  2 00:42:31 UTC 2021 by
       This is basically the reason ``anti-semitism'' exists as a term, to 
       deflect any and all criticism.
       Posted Fri Sep  9 00:11:13 UTC 2022 by