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       I'm starting to believe the GOP narrative: people don't want to work.
       November 01st, 2021
       This year, I have heard a lot of local Republicans claiming that
       "people don't want to work" in regards to many jobs in the US being
       vacant; they're also applying this statement towards supply shortages
       Initially I suspected that it was just another big lie, a load of
       horseshit, if you will.   Job vacancies, and even many supply shortages,
       can easily be blamed on COVID restrictions, the fact that ¾-million
       potential workers have died from COVID, companies relying on very badly
       configured Résumé parsing systems automatically booting most of their
       qualified applicants, excessive use of drug testing (absolutely NOT
       needed for fast food jobs, for instance), and even companies such as
       Lowe's HIW + Autozone +  Staples which are crying wolf - claiming that
       nobody wants to work for them, when reality they are not hiring or are
       even actively involved in bait+switch job scams...
       However, lately I have come to the conclusion that the Republicans are
       right, with a catch: It's the anti-vaxxers who don't want to work.
       Lately many employers are requiring their workers to take the COVID-19
       vaccine... Many employers and managers have been  informally warning
       their workers for almost a year that mandates are coming, and that
       workers who refuse to do so risk being unemployed...  And yet in many
       areas, there is a strong resistance by police, firefighters, EMS, and
       sanitation industries... Even some healthcare workers are resisting, but
       this doesn't surprise me because there has been a small but extremely
       vocal minority of healthcare workers (mainly CNAs and lesser-skills)
       who have historically refused to take flu vaccines.
       Anyway, the short story is:
       *The COVID-19 vaccines available here are safe and highly effective.
       *The vaccines are important for workplace safety.
       *Employers are responsible for ensuring a safe workplace.
       *Workers must take basic safety precautions (i.e. COVID-19 vaccine)
       *Workers are historically punished for working unsafely.
       I don't see anyone complaining and quitting jobs over PPE requirements,
       such as hard hats, steel toe shoes, or safety glasses, how's the COVID
       vaccine any different?
       If you're opposed to basic workplace safety measures, you really don't
       really want to work after all...
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