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       April 03rd, 2022
       I have set my server to reject connections on IPv6 via TCP port 70 from
       For some reason that host constantly access every resource on this
       gopher server (which I don't mind), but it does so in a very bizarre way
       Instead of a normaly gopher request, such as "/<CR><LF>" it sends all of
       its requests like: "/\tEQUEST_URI=/<CR><LF>"
       This is a major problem, it's essentially the same as sending a type 7
       search request to every resource on this server, naturally this appears
       as junk on the guestbook and comments sections.
       If this is an attempt at a vhosting type extension to gopher, it is
       really fucking stupid, as it is being sent on IPv6, which has ZERO need
       for vhosting ever.
       A cursory search on IRC and gopher:// revealed no useful
       contact information, and their gopher server's root clearly states:
       ``0x1bi is either dead, deprecated, or both┬┤┬┤... If that's so, why's it
       still hammering this server?
       In any case, I'm not sure what is doing, and I don't really
       care... I absolutely  welcome them to continue accessing any resources
       on this server, but they must fix their request syntax before I revert
       my firewall rule change.
       If anyone knows who runs that server, could you kindly give them a
       heads up so that the issue can be fixed?
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       I have to clean the guestbook regularly on RPoD due to posts that look 
       exactly like this. Thanks for the info!
       Posted Sun Apr  3 17:58:24 UTC 2022 by
       Hi. Quick google search showed some person named Ben Raskin, his e-mail 
       is ben <at> 
       Posted Tue Apr  5 19:59:16 UTC 2022 by 
       I get those annoying requests in gopher live chat at
       Posted Thu May 26 03:11:41 UTC 2022 by