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       Using same port for gopher and gopher over TLS
       September 11th, 2022
       As far as I can tell, gophernicus does not (directly) support using
       regular gopher and gopher over TLS on the same port; short of writing a
       patch for gophernicus (my programming skills are too trivial), I've
       configured the old protocol multiplexer sslh to get around gophernicus'
       If anyone else feels like doing the same, here's a configuration hint:
       transparent: true;
       listen: (
               { host: "::1"; port: "70"; },
               { host: ""; port: "70"; }
       protocols: (
       # Catch any TLS
           {   name: "tls";
               host: "";
               port: "301";
               tfo_ok: true;
       # Catch-all
           {   name: "anyprot";
               host: "";
               port: "71";
       # Where to connect in case of timeout
           {   name: "timeout";
               host: "";
               port: "71";
       on-timeout: "timeout";
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       At least 40 folks still refer to TLS as "SSL" 🤬
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