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       Hello, welcome to, armadillo edition!
        Local date and time is: Thu Dec  7 19:02:26 EST 2023.
        This armadillo has been awake for: 19:01 .
        18 hours of CPU wasted!
        Now hosted on Linode in Dallas Texas.
        We don't have Hansen's disease.
        This site is available on gopher, gopher over tls (port 300), http,
        https, and gemini, simply change the scheme/protocol in your URL bar.
       The most interesting content here is the phlog or guestbook:
 (DIR) My phlog (gopherlog)
 (DIR) Gopher Guestbook, leave your comments!
       Here are more interesting places you should visit:
 (DIR) Floodgap Systems
 (DIR) Bongusta! a very simple phlog aggregator
 (DIR) James Tomasino's Gopherspace
 (DIR) Umbrellix Gopher
 (DIR) Quux.Org Mega Server
 (DIR) SDF Public Access UNIX
       ^SDF offers gopher hosting
  (?)  Search gopherspace with Veronica-2
(HTML) Search gopherspace from the web with gophervista. Last updated 2017
(HTML) On a lynx deprived system? Telnet to scramworks. Problem solved!
       Come join gopher enthusiasts on IRC!:
(HTML) #gopher
(HTML) #gopher
(HTML) #gopher
       Other notable old stuff on this gopher: 
 (DIR) Random uploads, mostly IRC related mostly old
 (DIR) Old console art for the Linux color UTF-8 console
 (DIR) Old public user files
 (DIR) ASUSWRT programs (old)
 (DIR) Some more information about this server
 (DIR) Privacy policy / GDPR info
(HTML) Go here to set your theme for the web frontend
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